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Care4Water is the global BMW Group Financial Services
initiative with a simple mission: Give access to clean water
to people in need. Take action now and donate.

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The Care4Water Campaign is the global BMW Group Financial Services initiative with the non-profit organization Waves For Water. The goal of this long-term cooperation is to engage each and everyone of you worldwide to support dedicated projects in several countries – including Thailand, India, Mexico, China and South Africa.

To give you an idea of our first Care4Water pilot project in Thailand, watch the video showing personal impressions of our colleagues delivering 100 water filters.

We as a global community of more than 8,000 people can do something great – it shall be our strong ambition to get engaged in the societies we operate in. We would like to personally encourage and inspire you to get involved in our mission. Your personal Care4Water contribution will have an instant impact on other people’s lives. Donate to help.

Helping people affected by the Rio Doce disaster in Brazil

In the beginning of November 2015 one of the largest environmental disasters in the history of Brazil took place: a large dam belonging to a mining company collapsed, thus carrying the toxic residuals of the mining activity through a river crossing two states. As a result nearly all life in the river’s ecosystem was killed and made its water unusable. More than 280.000 people whose life evolved around the river has been affected, which also includes access to clean drinkable water. Waves 4 Water in Brazil immediately developed a project to support the affected people and our local BMW Group Financial Services organization started a series of activities to raise funds for this project. Due to the elevated level of contamination with heavy metals, none of the available technology could be applied. Therefore Waves for Water decided to build drinking water stations with filters attached to large tanks. The filters purify the non-drinkable water which comes e.g. from water tank trucks and water wells. Stations are being placed at important places for the community, such as in the schools and churches, around the city of Governador Valadares and Colatina. Up to now BMW Financial Services Brazil contributed to the project an amount which is equivalent to tanks and filters to support approximately 3,500 people per day. Further activities are planned in the near future.

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